Poor Boy

queeze it. I guess I missed what was funny. The guy videoing was having a good time at this guys expense. Idiot with the camera is jerk and why is the popper dude so paranoid looking behind him, these guys are just annoying and take the fun out of it!

Satisfying cyst pop- it just keeps coming

Good work. Looks like you knew what you were doing. I would have swabbed the area with Betadine first but other than that – you did well. Keep an eye on it incase it was infected or refills. Then you’ll need antibiotics. I totally get home care to get some relief from the pain. These…

The cyst that never ends

Hard to focus with the other stuff on his back. I want to see you remove them. Again love your channel but I would really like to see the complete extraction. In this case I would have liked to see if you chose to flush the site or used antibiotic gauze and packed the area…

The complete footage of the never ending cyst/abscess

Now THAT’S what I call a never-ending cyst. It’s never ending because the incision is too small. Forget the cyst/abcess, what about that growth bottom center of the back. What is it. So that’s where poop emojis come from

Giant Cyst Popping OMG

find this actually satisfying gross but satisfying. The ice cream truck music while puss oozes out is the greatest thing ever. i laughed so hard when he said he was going to bleed to death from the cyst.

That was amazing another great cyst with an amazing doctor

It amazes me how many people have these cysts. I wouldn’t want one, they look like they can be painful, especially if they get infected. Wow, that was a big cyst and the smallest cut and the cleanest procedure I’ve seen! Great doctor