Removal lage Cyts And Sus

That cyst fought you every step of the way, but in the end, you won. That was a complicated cyst removal as there was also a large acne spot beside it. Loan, I think you did a good job of getting all the infected blood out of the acne, then the cyst contents and sac….

That’s an abscess

This needs to be removed by a professional so the cyst sack can be removed to reduce the chances of it returning. I know you’re only trying to do your best to help though. Why do people squeeze the middle instead of around it? You’re pretty much pushing that shit inside at that point

Painful Pimple Popped Behind The Neck

Poor girl! The person pushing proper made the ordeal last a lot longer than necessary by doing those tiny half pushes rather that a couple of firm pushes because that bad boy really didn’t need any persuading it was literally jumping our of the skin as we saw

Too small opening for the thickness of the cyst

That’s better push that uff out of there. Do you know how to use those small surgical knives ? They do cut a little bigger opening so you can get the dead cells out easier. This was a good one.

7 year Great Blackhead. Dr Khaled Sadek

A sebaceous cyst is a non-cancerous growth commonly found on the skin of the back or face, but can occur anywhere on the body. Just as its name suggests, these cysts occur as a result of epidermal cells, cells from the top layer of your skin a.k.a the epidermis, overgrow in a confined space. The…

Scar tissue cyst under pressure

This was a tender cyst on the back that had been drained before by another office and has regrown. You can see the scar on the right side and the white cyst pushing through to the surface on the left side. I popped the cyst and removed the entire sac with some scar tissue. She…

Purulent pimples OMG

I feel bad for the person that had to have this person pop that cyst cuz it was like they were trying to yank their ear off when they were trying to get the sack out. Wtf that poor man was getting his ear RIPPED apart for just some infection….. That was a good video…