Super satisfying video acne removal

I feel like he’s using a javelin versus a sterile needle or other less invasive tool. I also feel like the pain and potential scarring could be greatly avoided using another tool – along with being gentle. As for the gloves

Super blackheads removal

Worse technique ever she’s using the most damaging tool possible those were easy removals. POP the Huge White heads too and the Cystic BUMPS! Not just black heads.

Big Poor Boy

There were zit contents left in a lot of his pores. When you “un-plug” a pore with the top of the pin, WHY don’t y’all SQUEEZE it at the end of it, to just be positive that ALL the gunk be gone????? It must be against the law or something

Inflamed removal Pimple Popping Video

Good video, but I saw a gray spot. I wonder why. I also think those lines on the screen are not necessary. There needs to be a Flash warning on this.

Big acne in ear shoots out

That would be good for stopping hinges squeaking. Oh I’d forgotten how much I Love the back of ear cyst’s Thank you

Milia Big Blackheads Removal on Face

A good squeeze although a little messy. Pushing from the other side of the ear certainly helped. The gift that keeps on giving , and giving and giving. Oh I’d forgotten how much I Love the back of ear cyst’s Thank you

Omg. That’s satisfying

That person yelling in the background needs to relocate several miles away. What a terrible infection. It was autocorrect. My youngest had the sinus dimple and I would drain it periodically. It never got that huge. She had many ear infections and needed tubes x3

Raw Abscess Drainage

All of you criticizing him for his pain reaction have obviously never experienced anything like that. I am a breast cancer survivor, have had major shoulder surgery required 5 anchors, have experience 4 bone graft surgeries into my foot and ankle, and two back surgeries on three ruptures discs in my back; yet still, I…